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About Us

We founded Zodiac Jewellery UK with a simple idea in mind: bring durable comfortable and fashionable zodiac jewellery to wear for everyone. 

With that vision in mind, I personally have always had a passion for astrology and zodiac signs. In 2020 I noticed a gap within the market, there were no brands dedicated to selling beautifully designed zodiac jewellery. Ever since then, I've made it my goal to fill that gap. 

The 12 star signs are celebrated by many all over the world. I believe creating this brand, will give people the ability to celebrate their birth month with beautifully desgined pieces of jewellery they can wear with pride. To whoever may be reading this, I hope you choose to shop at our brand Zodiac Jewellery UK, knowing you'll find jewellery that looks and feels great on you.

Celebrate your zodiac sign today!

Jase - Zodiac Jewellery UK

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