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Zodiac Jewellery UK - Gemini Necklace

Zodiac Jewellery UK - Gemini Necklace

Zodiac Jewellery UK - Gemini Necklace

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About our Zodiac Jewellery Uk - Gemini Necklaces 

Are you a fellow Gemini looking for the perfect piece of zodiac jewellery, or someone looking for a stunning zodiac gift? This is the purchase for you!

These necklaces are made out of the material zinc alloy. The pendant has a size of 18*15mm, with a chain length of 42 + 5cm. Within each of our zodiac necklaces, is a beautiful Zircon gemstones.

Why purchase our Zodiac Jewellery?

As a company we believe it is so exciting & important to celebrate your birth month in the form of zodiac signs. It's a way to express yourself to the world, so wearing a piece of our fine zodiac jewellery is a perfect way to do so!

What's the Characteristics of an Gemini?

Gemini natives are social, talkative, and whimsical but on the flip side, you are indecisive and nosy. You are passionate, easy going, love to be at the center stage, and enjoy gossiping some times. You are always ready for an adventure or intellectual conversation. You are versatile, youthful, curious, fun, and are the liveliest personality among all air signs. You are a jack of all trades as you have a habit of skim reading. Hence, you acquire tidbits of knowledge in many areas but don’t have in-depth knowledge of any particular area.

You are smart, passionate, emotionally intelligent, and dynamic and have two different sides that you portray to the world. You think very deeply and always try to fix the problems of your closed ones. You often face trouble in focusing and concentrating. You are continuously in search of a kindred spirit in soulmates, partners, friends, and associates.


  • Material - Zinc Alloy
  • Gemstone - Zircon
  • Necklace Type - Pendant
  • Pendant Size - 18*15mm
  • Colour - Silver
  • Weight - 9g
  • Chain Length - 42-5cm
  • Chain Type - Link Chain
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